During my moment of “local stardom,” I recorded a six-song EP for Murder Mountain Records, called Tricks & Sirens. If you’d like to

order a copy, please visit the MMR online store. To listen for free, please visit me at Murder Mountain or Myspace (how old school!). Copies may still be available at Three Trees Coffeehouse (as of March 2011).

Music-related blog posts from the vault:

She returns to her guitar and finds it likes her well enough (2005): like this post, but shorter, and written with a little less hindsight

A day of conquest! and joy! (and open mic) (2005): at the Wild Buffalo, that is

The first review of one of my shows… (2006): my brother writes a sweet review (and misspells the word “Mulatto”)

A lesson in patience (2006): the joys of 4-track recording

Caught up (2006): a little about learning to play three instruments at once

Cannons, you say? (2007): recap of a show (with pirate ships!)

An insufficient explanation (2007): a glimpse of life in the MMR studio

Thank you! and you, and you… (2008): I won an award!

Do you miss it? (2010): in which I discuss a life not spent playing shows

Lastly, two videos from a session I did at KUGS with Bug Jerome (2007):


4 thoughts on “Music

  1. Jennifer Baxter

    Hi Thea, I know you don’t know me but I am Galen Dunn’s sister. I was checking out his myspace account and saw your link. What an amazing voice you have! I am anxious to order a cd of yours right away! Beautiful artwork too by the way:)
    Tootles, Jenn

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