Blue Chair (Reprise!) Prom Dress. Apple. Hummingbird. Blue Chair Wedding Shoes. >Work Shoes. Empty Bottle Tango. Sunset.

Charcoal/Pencil/Chalk Pastel.

Billie. Power Lines. Convict. Frieda K. Old Man. Still Life with Produce. Mitch.

Greeting Cards.
Little Bird. Cat.


Origami Quilt. Origami Quilt (detail) Origami Quilt (detail) Origami Quilt (detail) Solid Origami Quilt. Small Quilt. Small Quilt.


Rose Quartz Necklace. Intricate Pearl Necklace. Green Pearl Necklace. Green Pearl Necklace (detail). Necklace. Peacock Chandelier Earrings. Double Pearl Earrings. Turquoise Glass Chandelier Earrings. Pearl & Garnet Earrings. Pearl & Peridot Clusters. Turquoise Drop Earrings. Amethyst Earrings. Garnet & Peridot Cluster Ring.Chandelier Earrings Carnelian Earrings. Pearl Earrings. Pearl Earrings. Pearl Earrings. Carnelian Hoops. Green Glass Earrings. Red Glass Earrings. Jade Earrings.


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