The best words one could hear

Why do you seek the living among the dead? He is not here, but has risen. (Luke 24:5)

Remember: Mary, Mary Magdalene and Joanna saw Jesus crucified. They saw his body laid in the tomb. When they returned, at early dawn, they expected – as any mourner would – to find the one they loved still in the tomb, dead and beyond rising.

But that’s not what they found at all.

He has risen, and when he rose, he took the power of death and crushed it. Though we wandered far from God, so far that we hardly knew we were lost, Jesus made the way back for us through death – he is, himself, the way.

But what those women learned at the empty tomb is that he is also what every grieving person wishes their departed one would be: the exception. The one who died, but didn’t stay dead.

Jesus found the way through death.

He came back for us.

The Lord has risen indeed!


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