Photo albums: not just for photos any more

I’ve never considered myself an organized lady. At least, I didn’t until I took to staying home with small children. Something about the daily chaos drives me to control what I can, and what I end up with is color-coded books and a shelf full of photo albums, filled with everything but photos.

I also end up with a night guard and a cupboard full of lavender-chamomile tea. But I digress.

Mostly, my photo albums are full of recipes: one for sweets, one for Fall/Winter meals, and one for Spring/Summer. There’s also a funky one filled with craft ideas pilfered from old office magazines:

My abundant modesty urges me not to tell you this, but really, I think that this is one of the best ideas I’ve ever had. Really. I mean, you can fold up entire magazine pages and tuck them into spill-proof pockets!

You can doodle on the front pages, and scribble in the margins:

What’s not to love?


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