The One Trick Up My Sleeve

If you’ve read this blog for any amount of time, you’ve probably learned a few things about me, namely that I:

a) enjoy talking about myself at length, and

b) like to bake. You know, a lot.

I equate cookies with love and cakes with comfort. When you’re sad, I don’t just give you a hug – I bring you butter, flour and sugar. And sprinkles, whenever possible.

However, Lydia is allergic to eggs.

My first concern, upon diagnosing her allergy, was not “How serious is it?” (Answer: not life-threatening, mercifully, but let’s just say that nobody has fun when she encounters an egg, and that includes our bathtub and washing machine.) It wasn’t even, “Will she outgrow this?” (Answer: hopefully!)

My first thought was, “But she’ll never get to have creme brulee!” A horrifying prospect, I know.

But after a few months without baked goods, I learned this happy trick, thus saving birthday cakes, chocolate chip cookies and pancakes for my otherwise pastry-less child. I don’t know what this is rightfully called, but I call it:

Faux Eggs

1 Tbl. freshly ground flax (I grind mine in a coffee grinder)

2-3 Tbl. hot water

Whisk together with a fork and substitute for 1 egg.

I’ve used this to replace up to four eggs with happy results, and have yet to notice a significant change in texture or taste. I’ve even used them in pudding, though I’m not sure that that worked as well.

The flax seed will probably leave some flecks in your vanilla cake, but I kind of like that. For some reason, it makes me feel fancy.


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