Little Red Riding Lu

Once upon a time, in the distant land of Living Room, there lived a girl named Lydia Lu. Because of the red hooded sweater she occasionally wore, her mother called her Little Red Riding Lu.

One day, Mother sent Little Red Riding Lu out with a basket of food to take to Grandmother, who was ill in bed.

(Just for good measure, let’s look at that grandmother again.)

Little Red Riding Lu’s grandmother lived all the way on the other side of the forest. To get to her house, Lu had to brave the dark and sinister Christmas Cactus Wood, but she hummed a bright tune as she walked along.

Unbeknownst to her, however, the Big Bad Wolf lurked nearby.

He was a bad seed, with a reputation for upsetting dishes, shredding origami boxes and pilfering baked goods from the kitchen counter. On this day, he was hungry for a helpless, elderly snack, so he hurried ahead of Little Red Riding Lu to Grandmother’s house.

He prepared to strike.

Once he finished with Grandmother, he decided to lie in wait for Little Red Riding Lu. The Big Bad Wolf was as clever as he was bad, so he disguised himself in Grandmother’s clothes, curled up in her bed and waited for Lu.

But though he was clever and bad, The Big Bad Wolf was not brave. When Lu burst into Grandmother’s cottage and cried, “Hi, Kitty!”, he coughed Grandmother back up like a hair ball, and fled.

(It was fortunate that he did so, by the way, because Sparrow the Woodcutter was fast asleep by the radiator in the Land of Bedroom. She would have been no help at all.)

With her grandmother restored to life and health, Little Red Riding Lu gave her the food that Mother had packed, and they feasted with great joy and thanksgiving.

Then, suspecting that it might rain, Little Red Riding Lu prepared to return home.

The trip home was uneventful, with chocolate milk waiting for her when she arrived.

(Note: This endeavor was inspired by these wonderful photos, which a friend sent to me in the midst of a rough morning. We dropped everything to play dress up for a while. We thought it was lovely, though Gunner disagreed.)


12 thoughts on “Little Red Riding Lu

  1. Nana

    this is wayyyyy too cute. The girls, and Gunner too, of course, look like they’re having a great time playing the parts. I can only imagine the fun Mom was having taking pictures and writing the script.

  2. jannell

    This is the cutest and most creative thing I have seen in a long time. Saw your blog on Elizabeth’s facebook link. I have known E. since she was small. Since they lived in SD. I blog at

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