Diaper Free, Baby!: And lastly, Sarah.

I feel like I owe you a different sort of post after this, one that has little to do with babies and nothing at all to do with pooping babies. That said, thanks for sticking with me, and welcome to our final post on EC, in which I tell you all about how EC has gone so far with Sarah.

In the words of Lydia: “Ready? Setty? Here we go!”

In the delightful chaos of life with two little girls, I announced right off the bat that EC would begin when it began, and not a moment before, so the red potty remained tucked away when the cloth diapers and wool soakers came out of storage.

Before Lydia’s graduation from diapers to no-diapers, we weren’t sure if we would tackle EC with another child or not. You see, it’s all the hard work of conventional potty-training spread out over your baby’s first year or two – diluted, yes, but it still requires a certain perseverance that I wasn’t sure I had when I was struggling through those off days with Lydia, when she went through four pairs of pants in one day.

But then, poof! She graduated. And we did a 180, landing at, “Oh yes, we will do this with our next child!” We just decided to take it at a slower pace.

So, here we are. For the first month or so, I did nothing EC-wise with Sarah, except cue her when I knew she was pooping in her diaper (which is kind of compulsive now – sometimes, I’m tempted to cue other people’s children, which is nothing if not awkward).

Then, I began to institute some informal diaper time: if Lydia and I are busy playing and Sarah is just chilling on a blanket nearby, I’ll peel off her diaper and lay her on a cloth prefold over a waterproof pad and try and cue her when I can. (It’s a good thing that she loves that, by the way. One of the best ways to settle down a fussy Sarah is to strip her down and let her hang out bare booty for a while.)

We didn’t necessarily expect results from that – we just didn’t want to get out of practice – but when I sat Sarah on the potty a few weeks ago, bam! (I’m all about the sound effects today, apparently.) She peed in the potty. Every single time.

So now, when I’m changing her diaper, I sit her on the potty for a minute before putting a new diaper on, and more often than not, she goes. In between that, I try to give her diaper-free time as well, and next up, I plan to start trying to get her to the potty when I think she might poop. Because, let’s face it, I’d rather not catch all of her pees in the potty and miss the poops, right? Poopy cloth diapers are not my favorite thing to deal with.

At four months, there’s obviously not much to report, but I thought it worth dividing the girls’ experiences up into separate entries because we’ve used such different approaches. Mitch was Lydia’s EC champion; I am Sarah’s. Lydia spent half her infancy on the little red potty; Sarah’s spending hers on a prefold on the floor. For a while, we only caught Lydia’s poops in the potty; with Sarah, it’s the pee.

So, there you have it. Diaper free transmission ended. After this, an intermission from posts about pooping babies.


Part One: An Introduction

Part Two: Lydia’s Adventures


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