About those chocolate chip cookies

Remember those?

Well, they were good. Damn good. But, in my opinion, not worth all the brouhaha. Like Molly and Beck, I did not spring for the fancy chocolate discs, but I did use a combo of Valhrona dark chocolate bars (chopped) and dark chocolate chips that seemed to do the trick, while the sea salt on top was definitely a nice touch and one that I shall remember for all of my cookie-baking days. Delicious.

And, okay, I didn’t let them sit the full thirty-six hours because a) the potluck I needed them for happened sooner than thirty-six hours would allow, and b) I couldn’t keep my grubby little paws out of the cookie dough, but nevertheless, they did sit for a good eighteen hours and they were tasty. Very tasty. But not, you know, amazing.


One thought on “About those chocolate chip cookies

  1. Rebecca

    I really, really felt like they were trying to make something EXTREMELY easy (making chocolate chip cookies) into yet another area of gourmet-fussiness.


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