Adios, Long Nap (for now)

Ha! Ha ha! Ha…ha, ha…ha.


That would be my slightly manic laughter as I look back on this last weekend, which shall henceforth be referred to The Weekend of Fussiness, or The Weekend of the Diaper Rash. This is particularly ironic when we all remember my recent post about Lydia’s fabulous long naps.

This Weekend laughed at me and cried, “Naps? What naps?”

Until we discovered the source of Lydia’s discomfort (the aforementioned Diaper Rash), we all suffered the discomfort of a sad baby who cried and cried and would not nap and who therefore cried and cried in a feeble, exhausted and hurting way. Oh, my. It broke my heart. And also, my lower back, because I carried and rocked and bounced her all weekend, taking frequent breaks only to apply Butt Paste to any potentially offending patch of baby skin.

Mercifully, around seven o’clock last night, our sweet old Lydia began to make her reappearance, so this morning found the two of us giggling and laughing at our reflections in the hallway mirror and now finds me posting a blog entry at last while she (at last!) naps.


3 thoughts on “Adios, Long Nap (for now)

  1. Rebecca

    Oh, poor poor baby.
    Butt paste, eh? Not my favorite, actually – we ended up sticking with some uncharmingly named but wickedly helpful diaper cream our doctor recommended.

  2. tina bobina

    you said, “sweet OLD Lydia”!
    again, funny how they seem to have been in our lives forever.
    thanks for the photos, shes lookin like a rosenburg!

  3. Kate

    ahhhhhh…..the sleep that comes after a weekend of no sleep is so,so good. I was just bragging to my mother how Lizzie is starting to take a two hour nap in the morning…and today, she started teething, big time. bye, bye nap. And perhaps, at this rate, bye bye sanity. sigh.


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