This is what Saturday feels like

The sun comes out and suddenly, this town is full. Packed to the edge of the street corners with spaghetti-strapped, sun-screened bodies. No day shows this off quite as boldly as Saturday, when the Farmer’s Market is in full swing, boasting sights and sounds and scents so overwhelming that a girl could just sit on a bench all morning and take in the show with all five senses.

While I recovered from Lydia’s birth, camped out in a glider with infant and secondhand magazines, I looked forward to a Saturday like this one: setting out in the summer sun with Lydia in the carrier – snuggled up against Mitch’s chest, sleeping – all of us hurtling forward toward downtown just to browse and accidentally bump into folks we know.

These are the moments that make me feel like we really are a family. Removed from the context of our home and submerged in the loud, outside world, I see us as we must briefly appear in the eyes of strangers: new parents, sunburned ourselves and fretting over our daughter’s gentle skin.


One thought on “This is what Saturday feels like

  1. Rebecca

    AW, this was lovely!
    And you’ve recovered very quickly, from the sounds of things – I was still rather housebound for months after The Baby’s birth.


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