Undone chores

In my last post, I mentioned “undone chores.” Originally, I intended to add a footnote to that post specifying that we actually have a very short list of unfinished chores, and we have a wonderful reason that this is so: since Lydia was born (and well before that, too), we have been remarkably well cared for.

Folks have dropped by every day with food and groceries and gifts for the baby; they’ve left clean kitchen sinks and vacuumed rugs behind them, and they’ve taken loads of dirty laundry out the door, only to return them a few days later, clean and neatly folded. Our freezer was stocked with a variety of chocolate ice creams for the first two weeks (oh dears, you all know me so well), and we found ourselves offering sweets to company because we couldn’t eat them fast enough ourselves. (Yes, I know – apparently we only share dessert when we have a dozen cupcakes, a tin of cookies, an entire lemon pie, a freezer full of ice cream and brownies and chocolates galore on hand. I don’t share sweets very well, and I’ve never been known to share ice cream.)

My parents especially have been great about stopping by to visit with Lydia and letting me scoot off into the shower, or the bed, or out for a quick walk. My mom has even taken me shopping for new clothes that behave kindly to my broadened waistline and shrinking belly and today, she’s bringing me lunch and coffee on her midday break.

Last night was the first night that we bought our own groceries and broke into the stores of soup I’d made and frozen while on maternity leave, which means that it was the first night in three weeks that we didn’t have either a home-cooked meal prepared by friends and family waiting for us in the kitchen or leftovers from last night’s home-cooked meal waiting in the fridge.

And all this barely touches on how much everyone has done for Lydia: the kid has so many arms willing to hold her, so many sweet stories and cards and photos and prayers hovering over her that I hope she never, ever doubts how much her family – all of it, everyone in every last little extended corner – loves her.

Still, people are calling and offering help, and while all the support has been a tremendous blessing, the best part of it all has been the company – it’s been great, having so many people come out of the woodwork and stop by to visit. Thank you all so much. You are wonderful.


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