Hello, my name is Thea.

And I love cupcakes.

A few months back, I happened across the Cupcake Bakeshop blog and, of course, I subscribed immediately. Though you might expect one who subscribes to a blog dedicated to such culinary artistry to be primarily interested in the recipes, I must admit that I’m not*: I read dear Chockylit’s blog solely for the photos. A new post from her is enough to make my mouth water before I even glance at the text.

*I have tried one of her recipes, and if you had a bite of cake at Mitch’s graduation party, you sampled my attempt at Chockylit’s Soft Vanilla Buttercream frosting. It looked nowhere near as nice as hers does, but it was tasty. I can’t ask for much more than that.


2 thoughts on “Hello, my name is Thea.

  1. Rebecca

    I’m rather crazy for cupcakes myself, but because I live in the middle of nowhere – WHY?! – I have to make them myself, which is a bother.

  2. Théa Post author

    Aside from drooling over photos online, I’ve also had to make my own cupcakes until recently, when a little cafe opened in town that served delicious food but also has two or three different kinds of cupcakes each day. They usually have descriptions like “Madagascar bourbon vanilla bean cake with white chocolate buttercream frosting and raspberry filling.”

    Yum. I love them.


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