Let’s play a game!


Because we’re being so close with baby details – gender, names, etc. – I’ve been having a blast taking people’s predictions on everything from birth date to weight to names to gender. All guesses so far (unless I’ve forgotten any) have been entered into a notebook for the baby, so if you have any you want to contribute, leave a comment on this post with your predictions.

Here are some fun facts: one person guessed both girl and boy (forgetting, I think, what he’d originally guessed). Two people have guessed the same girl’s name, and it is, as it turns out, alarming close to the one we have in mind. One person has accurately guessed the boy’s name (but we didn’t let on, so she doesn’t know). One person suggested that we name the baby “Cutie Pie” (which wasn’t technically a guess, but we let it slide – she is only six, you know, and it was so darn sweet that I just had to write it down).

So, have you got any predictions for us? Guess anything you want: eye color, length, hair or no hair, middle names, astrological sign, anything at all.

And because I’m feeling generous, here are some hints for the names: they’re easy to pronounce and surprisingly classic. They bear no relation to any flora or fauna (as far as I can tell). If you guess right, we won’t necessarily say so until after the baby is born, but by now you don’t have too long to wait anyway, right?

Fire away!


5 thoughts on “Let’s play a game!

  1. azmom

    I predict .. girl or boy.. it will have no hair. Mitch didn’t even have peach fuzz until his second birthday. Yet, look at that hairy man now!

  2. morganzo

    I just had a thought this morning– and it was, “Maybe Thea and Mitch are going to name her Sophia.”

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