The kitties are in for a surprise

In our childbirth class the other night, someone brought up the subject of pets. When asked collectively if our pets had any idea what was coming, the dog owners nodded heartily and told charming stories of dogs turned protective or sweet or jealous or weirdly intuitive. I can back this up – the first time I visited my parents after finding out I was pregnant, their German shepherd followed me around and nosed my belly like I was concealing a raw steak in my waistband.

The cat owners, on the other hand, scratched their heads and looked around blankly. A consensus was reached that the cats hadn’t noticed a thing.

A excellent example of just how little our cats have noticed presented itself this afternoon, when I curled up on the couch with Sparrow for a nap. Sparrow jammed herself around my couch-hogging belly, pressed one cheek against my belly button and began to doze off, just as the baby kicked her three or four times in the face, vigorously enough that the cat’s head actually moved with each kick. Sparrow didn’t stir or blink or squint at my misbehaving belly, but instead twitched her whiskers once and conked out.

Not even an assault by an unborn child was enough, apparently, to disturb what promised to be a good nap.


2 thoughts on “The kitties are in for a surprise

  1. womantowomancbe


    We had 2 cats when I was pregnant, and both times the younger cat didn’t act differently at all, but the older cat (5 y/o during my first preg) **had** to sleep with me. Usually it was in the crook of my arm, but if I wouldn’t let him, he’d curl up in the small of my back. He absolutely had to touch me! I was afraid he’d continue that behavior after the baby was born, and smother the baby when he was in our bed, but he never joined us in bed when the baby was there.



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