How many months ’til March?

For all the time we’ve spent battening down the hatches around here, keeping ourselves reasonably dry and un-accosted by the wind, rain and pervasive dark, yesterday showed up like a lovely, white truce flag, waved by our friend The Rain. Though Mitch was still bedridden, I braved the outdoors and walked to church, and the first thing I heard upon stepping outside (the very first thing!) was a small chorus of chilly-sounding birds, singing from hedges and eaves and rooftops.

Aah, I sighed, and put my mittens back into my pockets.

Later that afternoon, I convinced Mitch to bundle his sick self up and take a walk with me – after all, it was fifty degrees outside! Barely cooler than our apartment!

As we walked, all sorts of small things made me spontaneously nostalgic, or optimistic, or giddy, and I cannot blame every single mood shift on pregnancy because yesterday was, as Mitch said, the sort of day that reminds one that winter does not last forever. Indeed.


3 thoughts on “How many months ’til March?

  1. Elizabeth

    I heartily concur. After getting back from church yesterday, I grabbed my camera and headed out to Whatcom Falls Park. Lots of people were out on the rather muddy trails, and it was glorious


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