Sick house

Mitch hasn’t left the apartment in three days. In fact, he’s barely left the bed.

Empty glasses, formerly containing water, tea and orange juice, sit prettily on the nightstand, while the bed is cluttered with cats, DVD cases, laptop power supply cables and my knitting scraps. We’ve had a Star Wars marathon (up next? Return of the Jedi), while Mitch, having succumbed to an insistent fever, gazes blankly at the laptop screen and I, between coughing sprees, teach myself how to purl.

It’s been a long, dull, unpleasant weekend, actually. Mitch has come down with the worst of it – fever, aches, chills, cough and so on – while I’m just tired and phlegmy, but three days have come and gone, during which I’ve made a trip or two to the grocery store and a run to the video shop to rent (what else?) Knocked Up, while Mitch has contemplated, for twenty foggy minutes, whether or not it’s worth the trouble to get out of bed to grab another glass of water. Usually, it’s not.


5 thoughts on “Sick house

  1. sarahintheskywith

    I’m so sorry you’re sick! I’ve been going 10 rounds with a stupid clingy cold that just makes you feel blah, not really enough to feel like you can claim to be sick and justify sitting on the couch all day watching movies and knitting socks. Rest up and you and your hubby feel better soon!

  2. morganzo

    You better feel better before I get home… I can´t believe you are a knitter now! Goody, more things to sit around doing together…


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