Hack, hack. Wheeze.

I have all sorts of fun posts to write for you, really I do, but a bad cough has Mitch and I down for the count this weekend.

Maybe I’ll muster up the strength to post. Maybe.

Or maybe I’ll drink some more orange juice, hack up a lung and go back to bed.

Here’s a taste of what’s to come:

First childbirth class. (Deep breathing, candid discussions, the sounds of labor in the next room. Mitch wins the class over with a cute joke, says something sweet about “glowing” pregnant ladies, and then baffles everyone but me by mentioning “the h-anger.”)

The BIG ultrasound. (Our baby has long, long legs, clearly inherited from Mitch, and is in fabulous health! It is still a singular baby. The gender remains a mystery. Mitch takes some nighttime cough syrup just before the appointment and is loopy throughout, but thrilled. Thea cries a little bit because, let’s face it, ultrasounds are damn cool.)

Also, expect a post on My newfound love of knitting. It’s possible that I might also work up an homage to The Flight of the Conchords (band and TV show), because I’ve had at least one of their songs stuck in my head at any point during the last three weeks. Currently playing? “Mutha Uckers.”


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