To Hawaii and back! A recap (with photos)

First, we packed our suitcase, an endeavor complicated by the fact that our cats attempted several times to stow away in our luggage.


Then, we travelled and travelled and travelled, in the company of my mom, step-dad, brother and step-sister, until we reached Kona, Hawaii.

The air was warm! The beach was near! The sun was occasionally visible! The view from our condo was gorgeous:


For that matter, the view inside our condo wasn’t bad either.


What did we do to amuse ourselves in Hawaii? We visited farmer’s markets and went for long scenic drives, we prepared and consumed several spectacular meals:

kitchen.jpg dinner.jpg


I did an awful lot of this:


We visited the Painted Church, on our way to the Place of Refuge.

church.jpg church2.jpg church3.jpg

And, of course, we visited beach after beach after beach, where we played in the water until our hair smelled of salt.


surf.jpg mitch.jpg

Then, we relaxed in the sand for a bit.

ross.jpg mom-and-steve.jpg

Actually, we looked an awful lot like these guys:


On our last day there, Mitch and I walked to a beach where the sand is black, and we waded in the water and felt picturesque.

black-sand.jpg black-sand2.jpg black-sand3.jpg

We watched the sun set…


…and then we came home.



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