We’re back from Hawaii, but just barely, and I promise that, as soon as I get back on Washington time and recover a bit from our 12 hours of travel, I’ll write you a post so grand, so rich, so luxurious that it will even have photos.

To tide you over, I’ll tell you right now that, mercifully, our car was not stolen this year (even though we stayed at the same hotel as last year, we learned a very valuable lesson and parked our cars in a lot that had fences. And gates. And people on duty whose job it is to make sure that your car is right where you left it when you return).

Also, I did not catch the flu.

We did, however, get a chance to play Guitar Hero again, and we proved ourselves pretty decently. It was a good week.


3 thoughts on “Whew!

  1. sarahintheskywith

    So ironic that you come back now. My sister-in-law just left for Hawaii. You could have unknowingly met her on the beach!


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