Advent is upon us!

I know I’m a week late in acknowledging this, but I actually forgot about Advent last week and declared last Sunday a Pregnant Nap Day. After getting up and showering and packing my things, I announced to Mitch that I would not be going to church after all but would, in fact, be staying home to sleep, but when he came back from the service I remembered about Advent and felt like a well-rested schmuck.

This week, fortunately, we both made it to church. We were this morning’s candle-lighters, a post I enjoy immensely, even after a mishap last year that left me awkwardly clicking a lighter over a candle that, for some unholy reason, would not light, while Mitch read a gorgeous passage and led the congregation in prayer.

I appreciate the stillness of Advent (“the silence before the Lord speaks,” I once heard a pastor describe it), because it points clearly to Christ in a time when all the noise of our culture seems desperate to turn our attention away from him. Advent somehow puts Christmas in its place – not as a holiday unto itself, but as the culmination of a period of waiting, when we rejoice in the coming of Christ in the flesh, to do the will of his Father.

This is particularly poignant to me now, as we are in our own period of preparation and waiting for a birth.

Because it is nine o’clock and I am exhausted, I leave you with the verse that I read this morning as Mitch lit the second candle on the Advent wreath:

And I will lead the blind

in a way that they do not know,

in paths that they have not known

I will guide them.

I will turn the darkness before them into light,

the rough places into level ground.

These are the things I do,

and I do not forsake them.

– Isaiah 42:16


6 thoughts on “Advent is upon us!

  1. Rebecca

    ARGH! I forgot to light the advent candles last night!
    Pregnant nap day, eh? Whenever I was pregnant, that day was any day that ended in -y.

  2. Théa Post author

    Yeah, every day qualifies as nap day around here (in fact, I’m due for a nap now, and if I can pry myself away from the computer screen, I plan on taking one), but that was the first day I actually ditched church to sleep.

    Isn’t there an Advent candle grace period, anyway? Like Advent Monday, just in case you don’t make Sunday? There should be.

  3. Husband of Hygienist


    Last Sunday, my church’s readers theater group replaced the sermon with a performance of “St. Nicolas meets Santa Claus” in which Bishop Nicolas is introduced to the modern version of Christmas by a young girl. I kept wanting Nic to ask, “Who’s this schmuck?!” Instead, he asked us that Christmas is about giving as God gave us His son. OK, a well traveled message, but….

  4. lisamm

    My family is lighting the Advent candles in church on the 23rd. The kids are excited.

    If you get a chance to respond between naps, I was wondering.. when is the baby due??

  5. Théa Post author


    So…no brawl between St. Nic and Santa, then? How disappointing.


    The baby’s due on May 11, which just so happens to be Mother’s Day. How perfect! We just hit the halfway point last weekend, so suddenly May seems like it’s really not that far off after all…

    Have fun lighting the candles – that would be so much fun with kids, so long as the wreath stays separate from the flames and so on.


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