Cuddly, baby-like animals?

I’ve never had recurring dreams. Along with the fact that I am not left-handed, I consider this a minor character flaw.

Recurring dreams fascinate me because I imagine that even the nightmares, though horrible, must be like returning to some country that belongs only to you, that is inhabited only by you and that giant man-eating plant that every night inches closer to your ankles, snapping.

I have revisited places in dreams, have sometimes found myself in rooms that I’ve never seen in my physical life but that are, somehow, familiar, but I’ve never had that one plot that comes back, again and again, with small but unpredictable variations…until now.

During the last week, I have spent four nights out of seven in various dream locations, with both of my cats in my arms, realizing that I have to walk my indoor-only cats home – without the aid of a carrier or car. I am terrified that they will run away, that something awful will happen to them before I can get them to safety, and as I walk, the distance I have to go seems to extend indefinitely so that every time I reach the end of one block, I realize that I still have five more blocks to go, six more blocks to go.

It’s maddening. I’ve been thoroughly cured of my infatuation with recurring dreams.

“What do you suppose this means?” I asked Mitch, who theorized that maybe I was a little too worried about the cats.

I allowed him that one, and then came across this in my reading last night:

During the second trimester, many pregnant women dream about cuddly, baby-like animals, such as puppies, chicks, and kittens. Friendly creatures in your dreams are generally thought to signify that you’re tuned in to your instincts. Menacing animals, on the other hand, may represent ambivalence about the strange new creature coming into your life.

That’s right – apparently I’m “tuned into my instincts.” And apparently I’m really worried about it.


5 thoughts on “Cuddly, baby-like animals?

  1. Rebecca

    I dreamt I was Noah’s wife over and over again in my first pregnancy, asleep with the ark rocking in the water and the sounds of the animals around me.

  2. Ashley

    I wake up nearly every morning with some crazy dream from the night before. I wish they were about cute, cuddly animals. They are usually really creepy and odd. What does that say about me and my baby?

  3. iwright

    Hey Thea, we live very close by! Well, about an hour and a half away, but still! I love reading about people from here. Congrats on your first babe.

    Can I make a request? Is there any way you could post a clip of your music? I’d love to hear it.

  4. Yr Dad

    I’ve had recurring dreams and visited familiar dream places all my life. Some are wonderful, as when I can fly. Most recurrent nightmares have become familiar over time, and less fearsome. As a preschooler I once overheard your aunt and my older sister, Terry, talking about a nightmare in which she’d suddenly realized that she was dreaming. She then told the monster, “This is MY dream! You have to do what I say!”, and spent the rest of her dream bossing the monster around. Aware of her evil bossy ways (she used to dress me and your uncle Myran up as girl dolls, Juicy and Judy), I pitied the monster.
    After that, I used to drift off to sleep thinking about my next dreams, and how much fun they could be. It’s true: the things you think about as you fall asleep have a major impact upon the quality of your dreams. And in case you’re wondering, that was the origin of Happy Thoughts.
    I know your dream, though. I had it many times as a young parent (without the cats, though), and here’s what it meant to me: You are about to become a parent. You don’t know, there’s no manual. Your child will depend on you, but you’re afraid that you can’t protect it.
    Don’t worry: you can, even though there’s no way to anticipate all of the threats, like roller blades (and never mind that a child’s worst natural enemy is it’s parents. (bring back any memories?)). Just do your best. That should be enough. But don’t slack off.
    I love you, Little Baby.

  5. Théa Post author

    I remember that lesson about bossing the monster around so well that I posted about it last fall:

    And what excellent advice it is! Somehow the crazy pregnancy dreams are harder to control, though – or maybe it’s just more difficult not to fall asleep thinking about all the millions of things I get to think about right now, nearly all of which pertain to small children and the future of our family and so on…

    I just hope I have half your luck (and mad skill) when it comes to things like roller blades. Sheesh. What a life saver.


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