It’s a good time to be pregnant

Remember those loose-fitting, empire-waisted shirts that were all the rage this summer, and that you (if you’re anything like me) ridiculed shamelessly for looking exactly like maternity shirts?

They’re all on clearance now, and suddenly, I find them quite helpful.


3 thoughts on “It’s a good time to be pregnant

  1. Rebecca

    My librarian actually exclaimed “I didn’t know you were pregnant!” one day when I came in wearing one of those shirts, which is now put away forever. So yes, they’re WONDERFUL actual maternity wear.

  2. Théa Post author

    Oh no! How horribly awkward! That’s exactly why I mocked them – that, and because I couldn’t understand why all these fifteen-year-old girls wanted to look weirdly pregnant. It was a disturbing sight.

    I had someone come into the office where I work yesterday (while I was wearing one of those shirts) and pull my boss aside and ask, “Is Thea pregnant? I didn’t want to ask, because you know how those shirts make everyone look pregnant…”

    Both my boss and I laughed and laughed.

  3. Finn

    That is funny. I agree, those shirts do no favors for non-pregnant women. Although I do own a few just because they are comfy. In a few months they will come in handy again!


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