Cats aren’t much help when you’re trying to pack – this is a fact of life

Since our lives are full of all sorts of fun upheaval at the moment, we thought we might as well go the full nine yards and – on top of Mitch finishing school and me being pregnant (and all the fun preparation that comes with that) – well, we thought we might as well move.

This is no fancy move, mind you – we’ll just be moving to a larger and better-appointed apartment in our already fabulous building – but we will nevertheless be packing and carting box after box down the hallway to our spacious new abode and the first boxes, of course, to leave our old apartment and set up residence in the new are always our many boxes of books.

With a cup of tea in hand and Radiohead on the iPod, I began packing this evening.

Each time we move, it’s interesting to sort through the books and see what we’ve picked up, and when: the rhyming dictionaries, thesauruses and writing handbooks, acquired during my college years; our many, many versions of the Bible – several different translations, a Spanish interlinear, the Couple’s Devotional Bible we received as a gift and have never yet opened, my Grandma’s concordance, an old hymnal from each of my parents; Mitch’s chess strategy books, school textbooks and books on Jewish history and practices, and now, the baby name books and pregnancy and parenting books.

There’s a good part of a shelf reserved for my books on saints, from the six months or so when I was on a big saint kick, plus my old, water-damaged copies of Russian novels, and stacks and stacks of novels, from Harry Potter to Vanity Fair and pretty much everything in between.

There is also an entire box dedicated to books that I’ve borrowed from my dad and must, to my step-mom’s dismay, return.

I have, for the first time since we’ve been married, finally agreed to store some of the books, and so packing is a little bittersweet, as some of the books go into boxes from which they will not return for months, leaving me to handpick which ones stay on the shelves and which go into hiding.

Something tells me, though, that we’ll appreciate the extra wall space in the coming months, so I suppose the small sacrifice is worth it. Right?


3 thoughts on “Cats aren’t much help when you’re trying to pack – this is a fact of life

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  2. morganzo

    That´s really exciting that you´re moving! And nice that you don`t have to *actually* move, like across town or anything. I can`t wait to see the new place! In only 2 months, can you believe it?


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