Welcome, second trimester! We’ve been looking forward to meeting you.

At last! I’m waking up at my usual unreasonable hours and going to bed at my usual oh-so-reasonable hours. It’s far less common these days to find me face down on the front desk at work, dozing, or staring off into middle distance, blinking rapidly in a feeble attempt at staying awake because, while I haven’t been too sick, I have spent the last three months being completely completely exhausted.

I feel like a functioning part of the world again. Also, I have a dainty little belly to show for my troubles, too. That helps.

In other news, Mitch and I are quite revved up for two happenings in the rock opera/musical world. The first? Jesus Christ Superstar is coming to the Mount Baker Theater next month. This is how we’ll celebrate our fifth anniversary: singing “JEE-sus Christ, SUPERstar, DO you think YOU’RE who they SAY you are?” all the way home from the theater.

The second? Sweeney Todd. As if it isn’t cool enough that Johnny Depp is playing Sweeney Todd himself and that Tim Burton’s putting the whole thing together, Alan Rickman (Severus Snape, remember?) is playing the judge on whom Todd seeks vengance. Yes. It is also worth noting that Helena Bonham Carter and Sascha Baron Cohen have large parts in the film.

Again, I say, huzzah!


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