Interesting, interesting

So, I came a bit late into the news of J.K. Rowling’s outing of Dumbledore, and my thoughts on the subject are more literary than, well, relevant to dear Albus’s sexuality, since the entire episode makes me wonder: if it isn’t in the book, then…does it matter to the story at all?

And just in case anybody gets the idea that I’m objecting to Dumbledore’s being gay, I must add that I’d object just as strongly if Rowling suddenly announced that Harry had a long lost sister from whom he’d been separated at birth, or that there was once a fifth founder of Hogwarts who was tragically killed in a broom accident before the school really took off: if she hasn’t said so in seven books, why should it matter now? She missed all seven of her chances.

While pondering this, I came across this article (via Toddled Dredge) which says everything I could hope to say in a very articulate and scholarly fashion. Enjoy.


3 thoughts on “Interesting, interesting

  1. Yr Dad

    Professor Reynolds teaches us that it is possible to overelucidate just about anything.
    I think that Rowling was just guessing.

  2. Dude

    Whose “back story” for Albus if more important, JK’s or the reader (me). I say mine, and it’s a whopper, but I’m keeping it in the closet – er, secret.


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