First cold of the season

Earlier this week, Mitch came down with that awful cold that everyone has right now, and though I specifically warned him not to give it to me, he did, regardless of my grim promise that he would suffer the consequences if he got me sick. (By consequences, I mean that he now has to put up with me breathing like Darth Vader through the entire night, sniffling as though my brain has liquified and is attempting, drip by drip, to make its escape through my nose.)

As a result, I am home from work today, still in my pajamas at four o’clock, and I have watched all of season 3 of Arrested Development, as well as The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Now, under ordinary circumstances, I usually cry during at least three scenes of Narnia, but with the combination of the cold, the hormones and being home by myself, I think I cried intermittently throughout the entire movie, which did not help my congestion. I got choked up as soon as a character I liked walked into the frame.

However, I did muster the strength to bake some bread today, so at least while I was crying and sniffling, I was eating homemade bread. I had that much going for me.


3 thoughts on “First cold of the season

  1. Théa Post author

    Oh, man – like a baby. It’s ridiculous. I never used to cry in movies, but now I do all the time – that one especially gets me.


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