Fall Women’s Retreat

This weekend, I spent a few days in a cabin in Glacier, studying up on Scripture in the company of seventeen other ladies from Oikos, and it was fabulous. We ate good food! We strolled in the woods! We looked up “sanitation” in the Strong’s Concordance!

A wonderful guest speaker travelled out there with us and spent a total of some eight or ten hours teaching us different methods of studying the Bible, most of which involved enormous heaps of books, multi-colored pens and lots of page-turning – but I came away from it with information I feel I can actually use, every day. This makes me very excited.

Our church, Oikos, is a very Bible-based one, and in the year+ that we’ve been attending, I’ve learned more about the Bible than in the six years prior, and through that, I’ve learned a lot about God and all that other stuff that Christianity is based on but that I never took the time before to understand. I am extremely grateful for this, and so the suggestion of taking off and packing a ton of learning into a few days was a welcome one.

Sadly, I was exhausted for a lot of the weekend and was actually busted at least once dozing off with my head propped up on an Expository Dictionary. Not only that, but I got special permission to listen to one of the late-evening sessions from upstairs – in my bed. With my jammies on, my notebook out and pen in hand, I took notes until I quite literally drifted off to sleep.

Aside from that, the view from our living room was beautiful and the chance to get to know each other in a cozier environment was great, even if it meant leaving Mitch home alone to fend for himself for a few days. With everything I learned and all the fun I had, I have to say I’m glad to be back home, in his company again.


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