So far the funniest thing about pregnancy has been:

…the advice. When we first found out, I was enormously flustered – what should I eat? What should I stop eating? Should I exercise more or less or only on days when the moon is still visible after eight a.m.? What about hair products and household cleaners and chemicals at work?

I may not have been quite obsessive about it, but I easily spent hours on pregnancy and parenting websites, reading forums and articles,saturating myself with information that was, in most cases, particularly unhelpful.

I bought some vitamins. Then we started to break the news, and everybody had a little something to contribute.

In the first week, I was told that I should eat peanut butter every day (for the protein), but also that I should never eat peanut butter (because it might cause peanut allergies); I should drink orange juice often (for the vitamins) but not too often (because of the acidity); I should eat fish everyday (for the protein), but no more than once a month (because of the mercury content). Then, just yesterday, I heard a radio announcement stating that US doctors are now recommending that pregnant and nursing mothers eat fish at three meals a week, which fortunately by now made me laugh instead of dissolve into a confused and overwhelmed little puddle.

But fish or no fish, I’m learning a lot about moderation and trust through all this. The information out there changes so often, and every mother and every baby is so different, and each generation follows such a different set of guidelines (people used to smoke while pregnant, remember? And – I’m not condoning this, you know – some of those babies turned out just fine), that it’s easy to get bogged down by all the potential risks involved in a “healthy pregnancy” and so miss out on the fun and wonder of it all.

I realize that I must flatter myself that I have much more control over things than I really do, as if following the right diet plan is a flawless recipe for a healthy baby, but I think that sifts some of the mystery right out of the whole process. God is creating a life right now, not just a set of functioning cells and sinews and bones, and that just floors me. Of course I’ll do the very best that I can, but I know (because he reminds me often) that he’ll do the rest.


6 thoughts on “So far the funniest thing about pregnancy has been:

  1. AZMom

    absolutely, you do the best you can, and leave the outcome to Him. you’re lucky I live far away.. I’d be putting in my two bits of advice too *quickly zips the mouth* *muffled lol*

  2. thornskyvanschaick

    I knew it. I am (as you might guess) completely ecstatic. congratulations!! hugs to you and mitch and the little one. love you!

  3. Peter MacLean

    oh man. i had a dream a month or so ago where i was remembering the LAST time i was pregnant, and how i didn’t take very good care of my body, or even quit smoking, but in the dream i swore to myself that NEXT TIME i would be really good to myself and research all the right things to eat, etc. it was only about 15 minutes after i woke up that i realized that i will never, never get to carry around a baby inside me. so i have to say, though i’m happy for you, i’m also insanly jealous. i wanna be preggy too!!

  4. Kat

    Remember Thea… All the babies who made it through the fifties, when it was actually encouraged to smoke and drink and pop pills. Your little kiddo’s going to be fine. And don’t eat any soft cheese. 🙂


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