Baby names are better than television

Last night we spent a fairly amusing hour browsing through baby names online. Here are some names we will not be choosing:

  • Septimus
  • Edge
  • MacBean
  • Taffy
  • Ebenezer
  • Pleasant
  • Letitia

We also ruled out anything that might be used to describe a tree, flower or natural feature, such as:

  • Ocean
  • Aspen
  • Willow
  • Blossom
  • Meadow
  • Cedar

Or Pansy. Though they honestly did suggest that one.


7 thoughts on “Baby names are better than television

  1. gabe

    i guess since you’re officially not going with Septimus we can calls dibbs on the name? Oh, Ashley will be so happy to hear the news! (Does it matter if our baby is a boy or girl for that name?)

  2. Théa Post author

    It is technically masculine, but I guess that’s really in right now – naming girl babies boy names. So have at it! Septimus is all yours!

  3. Dude

    I know an Aspen, Meadow and a Willow. I’ve never met a Fir although I do know some Dougs. I don’t know any Glades although I do know a Glen, and I don’t know any Salals but I do know a Heather. Some folks are named Pansy and I saw a movie with a protagonist named Buttercup. What’s in a name.

    I’m hoping Eustace or Alistair make a comeback. For girls, Rosemary and Iris are both botanical and retro-chic.

  4. Théa Post author

    Buttercup! Though if I was going to go Princess Bride, I’d probably pick Westley – or possibly Inigo, although Inigo seems to lack something without the Montoya.

  5. morganzo

    Oh oh but what about Audio Science? You can´t rule that one out. Or Daisy Boo? How about Dweezil, Moon Unit, or Diva Muffin (courtesy of Frank Zappa)? You really should check out celebrity baby names online. I mean, who *are* these people, and what have they done to their children?

  6. Kat

    I was waiting for Apple to make an appearance. I thought it fitting, considering the chef-y sort of connotations. Taffy would have been good too. Taffy for the first name, Apple for the middle? What, no?… How about Job? 😉


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