After a hectic, somewhat stressful week, I set yesterday aside to be my Day of Restoration.

While Mitch went off paint-balling with some guys from church, I slept in, spent a leisurely morning at Caffe Adagio, reading a bit and writing a bit, and then went to get my hair cut.

Now, sometimes people say “cut” when they really mean “trim” (I’ve been guilty of this myself), but in this case I mean cut. You can now see the back of my neck when I wear my hair down.

So, a new, lighter-headed version of me stepped out of the salon feeling refreshed and ready to set out on a quest for a new hat and new fall tights, only to be distracted half-a-block later when somebody caught my eye and waved from within the Koi Cafe. I slowed; I did a double-take. Surely not…?

But yes! It was two friends waving, two friends we’d lost complete contact with as we moved and they moved and we all changed our phone numbers several times – so I went inside, had a seat, and spent the next four hours sipping bubble tea and catching up with them, talking about everything under the sun (but mostly about Harry Potter).

When finally we parted ways, I resumed my search for hat and tights, only to find them immediately and be thus spared the hassle of actually shopping. From there I went to Ashley’s, where we’d originally intended to walk the trail near her house, but were thwarted by the sudden appearance of a chilly autumn rain, so instead we stayed indoors and made pumpkin ice cream (she made the ice cream, I licked the spoon).

Afterwards, Mitch and I redeemed his birthday gift of two tickets to The Cody Rivers Show and spent the evening laughing hysterically before walking home in a full-blown autumn storm.

At the end of all that, I really do feel rested – and restored.


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