Dear Readers, I have the most wonderful news…

…but if you’ve talked to me at all in the last three weeks, you probably already know what it is. However, I won’t delay a single second more in informing you that, surprise! We’ve got a little Rosenburg on the way!

I say “surprise” because it is exactly that and we’re thrilled, even if all our plans for the next year have suddenly veered off in this wildly other direction, compacting what was to be Mitch’s final year of college into a final two uber-intense quarters and making us consider all kinds of crazy notions like moving (we’re opting to stay in our small apartment for now), changing work schedules, and breaking the news to our spoiled cats. Suddenly it’s much more important that Mitch get a job before he graduates. Suddenly it’s much more important that we have insurance.

So, we’re excited, our families are excited, and I am completely, profoundly exhausted. I don’t suppose I’ve felt rested once during the last two months (that was, in fact, the first symptom that caused us to speculate on my “condition”), which is a little frustrating, since a trip to the grocery store can knock me right out for a few hours and my standard walks to and from work are just beyond my energy threshold, leaving me shuffling wearily for the last few blocks toward home. I have been known to fall asleep at work these days and to take naps in the afternoon (which, under ordinary circumstances, I hardly ever do), and I am personally looking forward to getting out of this particular phase, though I can’t really expect this state of affairs to improve much after the baby is born.

But, here, why don’t I answer some of the questions you’re likely to ask right off?

How far along am I?

Eight weeks. Two months. Two-thirds through my first trimester (and counting).

When am I due?

We’ve heard everything from May 4-May 10, so that gives you an idea. I’m partial to May 9, since that’s the date I heard first.

Are we going to find out the gender of the baby?

No, we’ll wait. The only advantage we could think of to finding out early was that then one could buy lots of things in either pink or blue – which is incentive right there for us to hold off and encourage lots of yellows, greens and oranges. Babies look pretty much the same either way for the first few months, don’t they?

Also, the couples we’ve talked to who did it both ways were passionately, passionately convinced that it’s far more amazing to wait until the baby is born to find out.

Have we thought about names yet?

We’ve pretty much settled on Albus Severus Potter Rosenburg, regardless of gender, as an homage to the only cheesy moment in the entire Harry Potter series. (At least one person so far has thought, for a split second, that we were serious and he was thoroughly horrified.)

Honestly, we’ve thought of a few, but we’ll probably figure out a handful of possibilities and then wait until we meet the little dear before sticking it with a name.

Anything I didn’t cover that you’re curious about? Fire away!

And you can pretty much expect the blog to likewise veer off in this new direction, detailing our imminent parenthood in what I hope will be a most amusing fashion. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


9 thoughts on “Dear Readers, I have the most wonderful news…

  1. sarahintheskywith

    Congratumalations! I know you guys will make awesome parents! (Even though I don’t really KNOW you…I just feel confident).

  2. Sue Lenssen

    Congratulations, Thea and Mitch! I was teary-eyed reading the unexpected (?) news. Morgan must know, can I tell Sarah? I will say , “Guess what, read Thea”s blog” and then she will know.

    For names, I suggest Rosey Rosenburg or Rusty Rosenburg.

    My best to you,

  3. Théa Post author

    Yes, tell anyone you like – especially Sarah, since I’ve pretty officially lost touch with her.

    And I am actually quite sad that Rosie Rosenburg sounds so ridiculous, because I love the name Rosie…alas.

    Morgan was one of the very first to know – I’m surprised you didn’t hear it from her!

  4. Sue Lenssen

    I’ll call Sarah today and tell her. Her email is:

    We had a death of a very dear old friend Darrell, who was a grandpa to Morgan, Sarah and Marie, so that’s been our focus so Morgan and I will start talking about a new life, I’m thrilled.


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