Crafty Coyote: The Dining Set Edition

Originally, I wanted to post Before and After photos for you, but as I took pictures neither before nor after completing this project, I’m afraid I have nothing photographic to share. So imagine, if you will, that we have one of those simple table and chair sets, with painted wooden-back chairs and upholstered seats, and a table with painted legs and a wooden top. Imagine that the paint is a faded and chipped forest green color and that the fabric covering the chair seats is a charming, but worn, rust red.

Imagine that now, after an afternoon spent in my parents’ front yard, Mitch with a paint brush and I with a staple gun, the whole set has been transformed so that the paint is now a glossy black and the seats a bright lime green, covered in fabric from what was once, I think, a tablecloth.

Ta da! Can’t you see it?


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