That’s right – Mitch turns a whopping 28 today, and I am baking a cake. I also have all kinds of other tricks up my sleeve, nearly all of which have to do with food: apparently my idea of celebrating is synonymous with feasting, because the Wednesday-long celebration I have planned (and am, at this moment, pulling off without a hitch – my fingers are crossed) seems to revolve almost entirely around meals.

First, there was a liesurely pre-work breakfast at the Mount Bakery. Then, a small box of chocolates (ginger, cumin and earl grey chocolates, actually) for Mitch to open at his lunch break – this box also contained directions for him to be at a specified location at a specified time, neither of which I can reveal yet, since neither one has arrived.

As a matter of fact, that’s all I can tell you without spoiling surprises. Perhaps a longer post later, with photos? We’ll see.


One thought on “Mitch-stravaganza!

  1. AZMom

    *claps* *claps* ohhh… I can hardly wait to hear what’s next! wish I were there…. remember: “life’s short; eat desert first”. 😉 Loveyas


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