(Please don’t send me hate mail.)

Let’s face it: as much as I enjoy summer – sunshine, bare legs, potlucks and all – it’s usually around now that I start pining for fall.

The wind kicks up, little by little the leaves start turning, so gently that you almost don’t notice until finally poof! Summer’s gone and fall, in all its brilliant bronze glory, is upon us. I tend to encourage this change in small ways: pulling out the knit beanies to wear in the morning, lighting candles at home. Drinking tea, wearing wool socks, taking the window fan down. If it weren’t for the fact that winter is always so close at fall’s heels, I’d swear this one is the perfect season: crisp and beautiful, the air clear, that foggy stillness in the morning.

And yes, I even love the rain.

(Here is a lengthier and more articulate post on this very topic – from two years ago.)


4 thoughts on “(Please don’t send me hate mail.)

  1. morganzo

    There is something romantic about those Western Washington fall days, isn´t there? I realized something though– it´s a whole lot easier to enjoy cold days when it´s heated indoors. In Chile? Bring on summer.


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