The peacock of Cornwall Ave.

Every year in Bellingham, we have this splendid festival: the chalk art festival. And every year, I forget about it until the next day, when my walk into town reveals a sidewalk more vivid, more illustrated than that sidewalk has been during the last eleven months. Every year, I think, belatedly, that I’d like to participate, but every year I forget – again.

Last year was the exception, because I actually looked into participation fees and then promptly changed my plans – who knew chalk and sidewalk could be so pricey?  I abandoned any plans of participating for a few more years, at least.

This morning, however, our weekly trip to the Farmer’s Market revealed a sidewalk that was not only illustrated, but also populated, as the festival kicked off for this year. Cornwall was blocked off and full of white tents and art vendors, as well as the chalk artists themselves, all smudged in brilliant shades of chalk, fingertips, elbows, knees and all.

My favorite piece-in-progress was easily the peacock in front of Kendrick’s: all feathers and eyes, in blue, yellow and green. Tomorrow I’ll keep my eyes open for the winning ribbons.


5 thoughts on “The peacock of Cornwall Ave.

  1. Rebecca

    Thanks for visiting me!
    We got to a sidewalk painting festival every fall, too – and you’re so right – what they can do with chalk is AMAZING. My husband takes part every year and really has a lot of fun.

  2. PeggyU

    Hi! We’ve done the chalk art thing as a family for several years. Pricey? Not when you consider that the box of chalk itself (last time I checked) is $15.00. It has probably gone up a little since I last looked. So, when you take that into consideration, Allied Arts doesn’t make much of a profit off of the people who sign up.

    I went and looked at the drawing after the event. I must have missed a whole street, since I didn’t see the Einstein or the peacock or the dog with a pink blanket. Will have to go downtown again.

    However, I do have some photos if you would like me to email them to you.

  3. Théa Post author

    Hi Peggy!

    What a great tradition! Which did you guys do this year? I’ll have to keep my eyes open.

    And maybe I read wrong, but I thought it was something like $40-50 to enter, which is not quite in the budget at the moment – alas!


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