Looming on the horizon: many fun things

While I’m enjoying a nice, sparsely-booked summer, with a mellow show here and a mellow show there, I’m starting to look forward to the fall. Though I still don’t have a whole lot booked for the next few months, there’s tons of peripheral music projects cropping up that I thought I’d fill you in on:

  • Go Slowpoke has been recording their first album over the last few months, and I got to sing soulful ooos and aaas to Peter’s sad, angry, beautiful songs. He’s recording at Actual Air, out past Deming, and I had a great time singing in the living room of a cabin decorated with gnomes and enormous green glass lamps. This one should be out in the next month or two, I hear.
  • Peter Tomaszewski is also recording his first album, with the recording expertise of Dave Brown. Both Mitch and I got to play on this one: Mitch and Peter played dueling guitars on the legendary “Mountain Song,” while Peter and I sang a darling duet on “Stranger.” Both Rosenburgs appear in the epic choir of “The Ring,” in multiple, harmonizing tracks. Recording with Peter involved lots of white wine and a trip to the Horseshoe for coffee and potato burritos at midnight.Another fun aspect of Peter’s CD is that it’s as close to an Avon Lady reunion disc as I think we’ll ever get (for those of you who remember from high school), with appearances from Nathan B., as well as Mitch. Sadly, no Matt, and even more sadly still, no Nate, but Greg McBride (formerly of Can I Be She-Ra?) shows up at least once, as does Shane Winje. This CD has been months in the making, and though it will sound gorgeous when it’s finished, it could easily be months more in the mixing.
  • Armonikos is releasing their first album on Murder Mountain Records this month, and I got to do the album artwork. Clouds, barges and crosshatching, oh my! I had a great time figuring out how the hell to draw a barge, but once the guys at MM got it all laid out and tinted red, the case looked fabulous. I hear the CD sounds fabulous, too.
  • What’s Up! magazine is apparently joining forces with Murder Mountain, Clickpop Records and some other local peeps to release a compilation of local Bellingham music. Originally slated for release in September, there have been some rumored delays, so I’m not sure what’s happening now – but “That Old Trick” has been included in the line-up, as well as tracks from tons of great local bands: The Gallus Brothers, Black Eyes & Neckties, The Mission Orange, The Braille Tapes, Yes Oh Yes and more more more. I nearly passed out when I saw the list, I was so excited.
  • Bug Jerome‘s dance EP, Scary Parking Lot Club, is still in the works, too, but everything I’ve heard from it is stellar – the best Bug yet – and I got to sing, creepy-Thea-choir-style, on one of the coolest songs he’s come up with so far. Not sure when it’ll be finished, though. Hopefully soon.
  • Halo of Bees has been on a summer hiatus, while half the band is in Alaska for the sunny months, touring with The Growers. When they come back, who knows? We might just take Bellingham by storm.
  • On another note entirely, I’ve had some opportunities come up at our church, Oikos, to lead worship, which is both humbling and terrifying at once. I’ve been playing the band for most of the past year, but now I’m gearing up to lead in both a community group and a women’s retreat this fall, and it is a tremendous challenge for me to actually lead other people in singing (and playing), rather than go off on my own little solo-y tangent. I’m glad for the challenge, though, and I’m looking forward to serving God in this new way, apprehensive though I may be.

What a month September will be! And what a month August has been so far. It’s seventy-nine degrees.


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