Théa is “the shit”

I never expected to see that phrase in print, but if you read the Le Beat column in this month’s What’s Up! magazine, well, there it is. True, “the shit” is in quotes, and it’s prefaced by “I haven’t gotten [her CD] in my little hands yet, but from all accounts…”—you get the picture.

I laughed out loud for about five minutes when Mitch called me at work to quote the column to me. I laughed even harder when he told me that he’d been quoting it to his co-workers at lunch: “Hey! Apparently my wife is the shit.”

Also, there’s a sweet article about Shawnee in there. From all accounts, I’d say this month’s issue is indeed the shit.


4 thoughts on “Théa is “the shit”

  1. sarahintheskywith

    Congratulations. 🙂 Jason and I are pretty sure you’re going to get signed and hit the big time soon…


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