Cannons, you say?

Tonight was one of the most fun shows I’ve played in a long time. By all counts, it probably shouldn’t have been, because all my equipment failed in an almost-ridiculous way: one amp distorted horribly anytime I played the low E on my guitar, the other whooshed in an oceanic sort of way and occasionally made an awful buzz/rumble from time to time. The mic stand broke in half.

Also, I had a bad cold and was slated to play for four whole hours, plus the sit-down audience was, at its highest, no more than ten people–at its lowest, there was no audience.

All the same, it was a blast. I played, unamplified, on a small stage in Boulevard Park, with a sparkling view of the bay marked by little white sails. The show itself was part of a relay that started this morning in Blaine and finishes sometime tomorrow by Whidbey Island, so there was a fairly steady stream of runners (in great team get-ups, my favorite being a whole team in running clothes and tutus) handing off batons along the path.

From time to time, somebody would sit down in front of the stage and listen and we would chat a bit.

But, back to the bay. Not only were there sailboats drifting prettily by, making the scene oh-so-picturesque, there were also two big ships with several masts and sails and cannons. There weren’t just any ships, either: one of them was the Lady Washington, who apparently appeared in all three of the Pirates of the Carribean movies as a British Naval ship (though of course a rumor got started that it was the actual Black Pearl, and I did my part to encourage this until I googled it just now and realized my error).

This ship and the other were staging nautical battles at various points around the bay all evening, so that, as I sang, I heard not only foghorns and waves and small children, but also cannon-fire.

It was fabulous.


2 thoughts on “Cannons, you say?

  1. Kat

    Man, I miss you already. I’m going to have to bone up my pen=pal skills. Hey, I’ve been sharing your music around down here in Redmond suburbs, and found you a few fans. Next time you come down to visit Ross, come say hi, and I could probably get you a show at a coffee house or summat down here. The roller coaster sounded like… well, fun? Albeit painful fun. And that is AWESOME about being the Husky watergirl. I always wanted to do that. What does Ross play? (I know he’s the drum major, but I assume he played something before he ascended to that lofty position.) And way to go on the high fives. Kids will remember that for the rest of their lives.

  2. Thea Post author

    Aw, I miss you too–I was sad that the only Sunday I’ve missed in months happened to be your last Sunday at Oikos. I do hope the move has gone well and that you’re more excited about school than sad about Bellingham?

    Thanks for sharing the CD! I’ll have to give you a call next time I’m down your direction.

    And Ross plays alto sax. Has for years. Is quite good at it.


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