This weekend I:

  • Locked myself out of the apartment.
  • Watched The Mission Orange play at Everyday Music and, oh my, those kids are brilliant.
  • Baked buttermilk cupcakes (with chocolate frosting), gingersnaps and ganache.
  • Entertained two friends with an impromptu dinner party.
  • Spent hours lounging on a rock at Larrabee with Mitch, the astonishing Sound, a picnic lunch and a bag full of books.
  • Attended the last ever show at Tweek’s, which kicked off with an ecclectic open mic, featuring a beat-box…er? ist?; a tap-dancing, ukelele-playing, utterly adorable girl; a band (formed that morning) whose lead singer dressed up as Jesus and gradually, throughout the three-song set, lost his wig; a solo bassist (astounding!), and Bug Jerome.

In other news: Mitch started his internship. My CD is finished. Summer is upon us.

Goals for next week? Read the book of Romans. Practice slide guitar. Bake amazing birthday cake for my step-mom (yellow, with chocolate frosting).


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