On the (Apparently) Forgotten Art of Blogging

Suddenly, just like that, it’s nice outside. Not just spring weather, either–no, it was 73-degrees at 11:00 this morning, and, at this very moment, Weather.com assures me that it’s currently 84-degrees in Bellingham. Yesterday, it was warm enough at dinner time that we supped in the backyard with friends (which makes it officially summer in my book, regardless of what the calendar says), before taking in the closing night of The Cody Rivers Show at the Idiom Theater.

As if warm mornings and warm evenings weren’t enough, sleeping with the window open last night allowed me to enjoy, from a distance, what must have been a house show at the neighbors’–I literally fell asleep to strains of accordian and guitar. Ah, beautiful.


2 thoughts on “On the (Apparently) Forgotten Art of Blogging

  1. Yr Dad

    Hey, did you see the rainstorms today? Holy buckets, it poured. Only for awhile: gullywashers are NOT the Bellingham way. Got me to thinking, as random stuff often does. I’ve been given several umbrellas over the years–even have a couple hanging near the front door somewhere–but have almost never used one. That’s the B-ham way: you see a pilgrim under an umbrella (I just typo’d it as “unbrella”), you know he’s a tourist, a Californian, or both. Now, however, the sun’s out, and we’re back to your original premise. (but I’m off to think up more prefixes for “brellas”)

  2. Thea Post author

    You know, I didn’t see your name at first, but halfway through the first sentence I knew for sure that it was you commenting. I can’t explain why, exactly, but it was a nice moment.

    And yes, I saw the rainstorms (they were awesome!), and I have often reflected on the umbrella question and occasionally considered using an umbrella to–get this–ward off the sun and shade my fair little head. Would that be breaking the B-ham way? I wonder.


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