I know too much about you

It’s true. In this era of Myspace and Livejournal, it seems I know people I’ve never met, I’m caught up with people I haven’t talked to in years, and I somehow remain at the fore-front of all gossip without ever actually speaking to anyone about anything (few things are more telling than that “Status:” bar on a Myspace profile. Has somebody inexplicably changed theirs from “Married” to “Single” overnight? There’s a whole story in that, there really is).

How does this work exactly? I’m not sure. But it’s fascinating.

And, of course, this means that you know too much about me.


2 thoughts on “I know too much about you

  1. Lord FluffyBunny

    I wonder how much Myspace time it would take for a person to know as much about you as does the person who changed your diapers?


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