Well, it’s that time of year when everyone you talk to either has a cold, is recovering from one, or knows somebody who has one and is desperately hoping that they don’t get it. I fall neatly into the first category, and showed up for work today looking just pathetic enough that they booted me right out–three days of me complaining must have been wearing on them, because they sent me home with explicit intructions to get better.

So, here I am, feeling lousy, but cozy, watching Monty Python and the Holy Grail (one of my two favorite sick day movies, the other being the original, original Batman with Adam West–which will probably be next up), sipping tea and snuggling with the kitties. Oh, and blogging. So maybe I’m not doing all of these things at once, but I like to provide the illusion that I am.

An interesting note though–in order to watch Monty Python, I had to reinstall our DVD software, which means that, in the six months since Mitch last reformatted his hard drive, we have not watched one single movie. That’s amazing. I’m a little sad about that, actually, because there are tons of good movies out there–we just somehow never watch them.

Also interesting: they weren’t kidding about those 50 mph winds. Holy moley. It’s tough to walk in a straight line outside right now, the wind seems so determined to blow one off course. But there now, the movie’s begun. King Arthur (and his trusty servant Patsy) approaches the castle!


5 thoughts on “Sniffle

  1. Mitchell

    don’t ever trust a “creative” writing major…
    it’s just an excuse to play hookie, and then use your blog as an alibi

    word verification today: bnognms

  2. Ashley

    sad… sorry you’re sick! You need something you let me know.
    As I was trying to juggle carrying a diaper bag, computer and baby I thought that baby was going to swept up with the wind. Sad. Gladly he is safely sitting next to me.

  3. Thea

    Oh no! We don’t want Baron floating away in the wind, heavens no.

    Thanks for the offer–I just sent Mitch out for pudding cups and cough drops. That is one thing I love about being home sick: pudding cups. I always somehow associate pudding with illness, I don’t know why.

  4. Rogue

    Hope you feel better soon, Thea. Jason and I both woke up this morning with the beginnings of one of those crackly chest colds. Suck. And I hope the wind dies down for you soon (and the rain). My sister lives in Marysville and said she’s pretty much sick of being wet whenever she goes out. Unfortunately for us, we get not rain, just 89 mph wind at night and gray skies. Feel better and eat lots of pudding cups!
    -oh, and I’m glad someone else has “sick movies.” I thought I was the only one. Although mine are Pride and Prejudice with Colin Firth, and the original Star Wars trilogy…

  5. Thea

    Yes! I bought both movies almost solely in the hopes of having them around whenever I get sick. Presently I’m watching Harry Potter & The Prisoner of Azkaban. Haven’t made it to Batman just yet…

    Hope you two get better quick! Colds are no fun, that’s for sure.


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