I’m not cheap, I’m "crafty"

This year is the year of the Thrifty Christmas. Generally, no matter how I try to keep things simple, handmade, heartfelt and cheap, I end up spending more money than we have on presents, and with a big ole happy (extended and extended) family like ours, that adds up pretty quick.

But this year, I’ve found a crafty little solution.

Unfortunately, I can’t tell you what it is yet, because a lot of the people on the list read my blog. But December 26 will be the grand unveiling, and it’ll be great. In the mean time, suffice it to say that making, wrapping and labelling upwards of twenty-five gifts has cost me less than $60 and offers the not inconsiderable benefit of being a gift that I actually think people might like. (Imagine that!)

The trouble is that I’ll have to think up something different for next year–but I won’t worry about that quite yet.


2 thoughts on “I’m not cheap, I’m "crafty"

  1. Jan

    Hi, I found your blog because of your post about going to the Greg Brown concert. Isn’t he wonderful?!! Sexiest voice, hands down in my book too! There is a greg brown yahoo group that you might enjoy, and here is the GB web site:
    It was fun reading your blog.


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