I might stop functioning entirely

Besides moving to a dry climate (no) and taking more antibiotics (I won’t do it! I won’t!), does anybody know of any miracle cures for stubborn sinus infections? I’ve had this one almost two years, with some brief months of respite, and it’s getting unbearable. On Friday I finally went down to the hippie tea shop and asked some advice–they loaded me up with powders and tinctures and teas and essential oils, but still, I feel horrendous.

If you say so, I’ll drink three gallons of orange juice a day. I’ll hop on one foot backward three times around the grave of an unbaptized puppy on the eve of the next full moon, if you tell me it’ll relieve the pressure in my head. I won’t move to a drier climate, and I won’t take anymore antibiotics (I’ve done seven rounds in the past twelve months. I think that’s quite enough).

For now though, I’ll go bury my eyes under a silk lavender-scented sachet and sniff peppermint oil for a while. Maybe that’ll help.


6 thoughts on “I might stop functioning entirely

  1. Thea

    I do! Every single day! I’ve been snorting salt water every morning for months, but though it helps relieve the pressure it doesn’t get rid of the infection. Alas!

  2. Anonymous

    I don’t have any helpful suggestions – just something to point out. Moving to a drier climate won’t help, trust me. I get a sinus infection every year in November that lasts until mid March. 😦 Feel better soon!

  3. Ashleyhttp://www.artisansweets.wordpress.com

    saddened by the fact that I had no advice to offer I decided to do some research… did you know there is a website called sinuswars.com? and one article said that ice cream is a major cause of sinus infections…. sad! Could yours be allergies of some type? This link seemed to be the most informative – http://health.enotes.com/alternative-medicine-encyclopedia/sinus-infection
    I hope this helps. I am so sorry you have to deal with this.

  4. Thea

    Rogue–Thank you. I needed to hear that. People tell me constantly that I really just need to move somewhere dry, which I’m having none of, because I love the dreary damp. Not that I’m happy to hear that you have chronic sinus infections too–that sucks. My sympathy is with you.

    Ashley–I can’t believe you did research! That’s so sweet. Sinuswars.com. That’s awesome–I’ll have to check it out.

    As for allergies, it seems (according to my Dr.) that I have year-round environmental allergies that make me susceptible to sinus infections, which (I hear) can be irritated by dairy (causes mucus) and sugar (delicious but apparently evil). I periodically decide that I need to do some radical diet and cut out milk and sugar and all kinds of things and then I promptly…don’t. Ah, well. I’ll just keep complaining.


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