Down home cookin’

The weather report for Rolla, Missouri? Hot. Stinkin’ hot. I know this because I just got back from spending five days there with my husband and his eNORmous extended family–163 people turned out for the family reunion, which was in his great-aunt’s backyard. And we had a great time, better than I think either of us dared hope. Here are some fun things we did:

  • Ate our body weight in fried chicken, baked beans, butter cake, brownies, casseroles, ham, sweet tea, chocolate cream pie and more that I have forgotten, but that my belly has not.
  • Went cruising down a river at 30 miles an hour on a river boat. It was gorgeous–we saw turtles, turkey vultures, bald eagles, dragonflies, butterflies and a spider the size of my hand.
  • Jumped on a trampoline with Mitch and his cousin–we are not so small anymore, and we nearly launched one another off onto the lawn several times. In 100-degree, high-humidity weather, this made me sweat like crazy.
  • Swam a lot, both in the river and in an aunt’s swimming pool.
  • Read up on Rosenburg family history. Got a chance to read Mitch’s great-grandmother’s Bible, which is roughly 100 years old.
  • Went horseback riding. I’ve riden maybe twice, and Mitch never, so it was colorful. Especially as I ended up on a momma horse who would not leave her colt behind–she was constantly trying to turn back and nip at him, while he attempted several times to kick at her, playfully, narrowly missing my shins.
  • Ate at McDonald’s for the first time in…four years? I had the fruit & yogurt cup.
  • Spent more time in SeaTac airport than I care to repeat (flight delayed, and then changed), eating frozen yogurt with rainbow sprinkles with Mitch, staring at people, and riding the underground trains unnecessarily.
  • We had more fun than there is time to tell.


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