There’s nothing like a little self-promotion

In case you were feeling all bad because you don’t have plans for St. Paddy’s (which is this Friday, by the way, you’ve been warned) beyond sitting around by yourself drinking Guinness, now you at least have this: Friday night, at seven p.m., I’ll be playing my guitar and singing my funky little songs at The Public Market. Shawnee Kilgore will also be playing; the Gallery Walk will be underway. So you can come drink a cup of (highly recommended) old world hot chocolate and hang out and look at the artwork and listen. I can’t promise any Guinness, though, unless you go to the Nightlight after to watch the Clumsy Lovers. Which sounds like an awful lot of fun to me.

(Should you miss this show, but feel like catching another, Shawnee and I will be playing at the Market again the following Friday, 3/24, at noon.)


2 thoughts on “There’s nothing like a little self-promotion

  1. Anonymous

    *grabs a front row seat* *sipping hot chocolate* I will be there Friday,in spirit.*clap* *clap* *whistle* *cheers* Good Luck to you little lady.
    If you record your performance, I would love to have a copy sent my way?
    Love Always- AZMom

  2. KD7RCG

    Can I bring my Pint-o-green-stout in a sports bottle? It wouldn’t be an americanized version of a psuedo-irish celebration if I were sober….


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