The Cute Maneuver

So, today found me in the Kitten Room at Hohl’s Feed & Seed, which is postively trouble. Over dinner last night with some friends, Mitch and I learned that cats are apparently less expensive to maintain than we’d thought, and easier to train. In the Kitten Room, I learned as well that shots and fixin’ are included in the purchase price.

Oh, boy.

When Mitch got off work I hauled him across the street to the Kitten Room, and there we fell for several kitties, but specifically, we fell for a wee brother and sister–fifteen weeks old, one silver tabby, the other calico, both looking angellic and small and fuzzy, sleeping. The brother woke up groggy and let us pet him, and just as we started oohing and ahhing, he executed what I like to call The Cute Maneuver: he leaned right up against my finger, tucked his chin into his little gray chest and started purring.

And we were sold.

We filled out an application, went home and called our landlord (who said, “Oh, of course!”), and now we’re waiting.

Already, we’ve started picking out names.


One thought on “The Cute Maneuver

  1. Rogue

    Jason and I have both been suckered into kittens as well. Mine is now a year and a half (almost) and his is three months. They are still adorable, and much more entertaining and easier to put up with than a doggie…


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