Right up there with watching paint dry

Track my novel’s progress.


6 thoughts on “Right up there with watching paint dry

  1. bugoramahttp://www.livejournal.com/users/bugorama

    wow. when they said they’d put up awesome profiles, they were right. now i wish i were writing. but, alas, sleep is hard to find somedays right now. good luck. you’re making progress at least!

  2. Lord FluffyBunny

    Yeah, well, I was . . . ah . . . leaning as if into a strong wind (or away from a strong fart) when I saw a cat or maybe a possum (of course, in Ireland they -possums – are said to have been revered, though by some reviled, as O’possums) fall off of the fence or more precisely: a fence, since there were others (fences, that is, not cat possums, although it’s certainly possible that there were more of those) about. Anyway, that straightened me up, so I clicked the link to your book and well, there it was of course. How do you do it?

  3. Thea

    Pretty much like that–see, I told you you wouldn’t want to read it! It’s bad, very very bad, but educational, nonetheless.


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