49,399 words to go, and I’m home free!

If I’m quiet through the month of November, here’s why–I’m busy feeling bad about not writing. Rest assured I’ll be back in December with a whole arsenal of odd happenings, but in the meantime, let’s just slow this page down and reflect. Talk amongst yourselves and all that.

Oh, and the Black Eyes & Neckties show at the 3B was awesome. I got beer in my hair and a bad cold and the whole shebang (really? Is it actually spelled like that?), and apparently I was one of the only three people on State St. who didn’t dress up for Halloween–Sarah and Lyle, my cohorts, being the other two. Ah, well.


4 thoughts on “49,399 words to go, and I’m home free!

  1. that one guy

    I totally hear you on the “feeling guilty for not writing” thing. It’s getting absolutely ridiculous.

  2. Thea

    Yup. Three days in and already I’ve awarded myself a day off (slacker!). I keep telling myself that there’s a table and a cup o’ coffee waiting for me at the Black Drop on Saturday–I’ve got the whole day off, I’ll catch up then–but I’m not sure that’ll work.

    …if I need to write two pages a day to keep up, and I’ve only got .5 pages done and I’m two days behind, how many pages do I have to write tomorrow to break even?

    But I’m a writer, not a mathematician. Knuckle down!


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