This is probably the coolest thing ever. And I mean that. I always go around saying that stuff is “the coolest ever”, but I’m serious about this one. Introducing: National Novel-Writing Month!

From November 1-Nov. 31, all kinds of silly people from one end of the world to the other are going to be churning out 50,000 word novels in a single month–forget rewritting and carefully-constructed plots; it’s a fiction-writing free-for-all!

Now, grab your pompoms and get cheering, because–that’s right–I’m one of those silly people who signed up. The emphasis, the website assures me, is on quantity, not quality, so I can write 175 pages of total crap (but I’ll really be trying, honestly–probably it’ll just turn out crap, and that’s o.k.! I’m o.k. with that) and still qualify. For all the actual details, check out the link above.

In two weeks I’m probably going to be regretting this big-time, but I do think this is a stinkin’ cool idea. Besides, I’m not in school anymore–what the hell else am I going to do? And they gave me a button:

(props to that one guy for the idea)


7 thoughts on “Nerdzilla!

  1. bugorama

    oh my gosh. that is so exciting. if i weren’t in grad school and trying to teach teenagers how to have coherent thoughts i would so do that. nov is the perfect month for it too.

    and i do have a novel floating in my head. it’s sci fi!

  2. Thea

    Yee ha! I love sci-fi! I’ve got, oh, fifteen pages or something of a sci-fi novel I started in school, but I’m not allowed to use anything already written…I’ve got some ideas though…

    Noveldom, here I come!

  3. bugorama

    i couldn’t stand it. i signed up. we’ll see how much i can get done in the time i have.

    now i need to come up with a so-called “plot.”

  4. that one guy

    I am *this* close to signing up for it… I have a really fun/simple idea as to what I’d write, too. Nothing super complex, just fun times. Mostly, I want to do it so I can just start writing on a regular basis. I’ve had these ideas for novels for the last year or two, but I’ve never gotten around to the “writing” part of it. I’m so, so tempted to do it, but November is such a crazy month as it is…

  5. Rogue

    Amen. Why do they have to plan these things around the holidays when half the population under 30 is probably working retail?

    ToG…aren’t you supposed to be working at 2:32 in the morning? Slacker slacker…

  6. Thea

    That one guy: Do it! There’s no penalty for not finishing–you’ve got nothing to lose but pride, right? And that bit about actually writing is exactly why I’m doing it–after four weeks sitting down at the computer and staring blankly should be a habit, I’m thinking.

    Bug: Yes! Go team!

    Rogue: I wondered the same thing. Perhaps spring. Spring would be a good time. Or February, when there’s nothing going on but Valentine’s. Add a little spice to winter, wouldn’t it?


  7. bugorama

    no no no. november is perfect, i think. what could be more inspirational than fall wind? plus, then you’re done in time for the holidays and can feel EXTRA festive!


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